Plumbing services

Over the years, Johong has amassed a team of highly skilled professionals, specialising in general plumbing servicing , electrical servicing, locksmith services and general handyman works. Our team of experienced plumbing professionals aims to provide plumbing services, to your home and other related areas with utmost quality.

Our team consists of highly PUB experienced plumbers, specialises in all types of plumbing services such as:

  • Toilet / Bathroom Installation (taps, faucets, sinks, pipes, shower, bathtub)
  • Toilet / Bathroom Servicing
  • Toilet / Bathroom Repair Replacement
  • Clear Blockage of Pipes / Sink / IC
  • Water Leakage / System Defects Detection
  • Fix Burst Pipes

Let Johong handle all your plumbing problems. Save yourself the hassle and headache.
Simply call our Handyman Representative today at 9069 2184 and let us help you!