Repairs and replacements

Since our inception, Johong has always aimed to provide a holistic service to help homeowners handle general household handyman issues. That is why we have a highly skilled team of electricans, plumbers and locksmiths, with vast experience in providing Repairs and Replacements services.

We all have times where the power socket is burnt out, where the toilet pipe has burst and where the door lock refuses to lock properly. However, many homeowners will try to fix these faulty issues by themselves. It has been proven to be troublesome, time-exhausting and even dangerous to most homeowners. That is why here at Johong, we highly recommend against that. By not hiring a professional handyman, homeowners risk hurting themselves unnecessarily and might just make the problems worse than they are.

Hence, we recommend you will save the hassle and headache and engage professional handyman such as Johong to help you with repairs and replacements in your households. Be it lighting burnt out, faulty fan, choking of sinks, leaking pipes, defective door locks, Johong can help you with their repairs and replacement.

Simply call our Handyman Representative today at 9069 2184 and let us help you!