Shower heater installation

Over the years, Johong has amassed a highly skilled team of electricans and plumbers with vast experience in providing Shower Heater installation. With our accumulated skills and experience, we have established a reputation to assist our retail customers to install the shower heaters they purchased from our retail store.

From the plumbing services such as inlet / outlet of water and the required piping, to the electrical services such as electrical wiring, fixture and installation, Johong's team has your Shower Heater installation all covered from end-to-end.

Hence, we encourage our customers to buy their choice water heaters from our retail store with a peace of mind, as we will handle the installation from start to end. Simply no more hassle and no more headaches!

Even if you have bought a water heater from elsewhere but is looking for professionals to help you install it, look no further.
Simply call our Handyman Representative today at 9069 2184 and let us help you!